May 6, 2021

How to earn money online? During Lockdown.

How to earn Money Online

How to earn money online during the lockdown, how to earn from the home answer is right over here

Due to COVID 19, many people locked in their home are willing to know how to earn money online, you can earn money online by following these simple methods.

Earning money at home is very simple if you have some skills and if you are passionate about it.

The question arises what is needed to earn online?

  • A working computer.
  • An internet connection.
  • A niche or say a topic.
  • And basic knowledge of internet and social media sites.

So here follow the 3 most popular methods by which you can earn money from home.

#1:- Blogging.

Blogging to earn money

Blogging is the most trending and popular method by which you can earn money online.

By simply sitting at your home, all you need is a good niche idea and writing skill to write about that topic.

You can do blogging free on cost on a platform like a blogger.

you can earn from blogging by selecting a profitable keyword about your niche that can bring traffic to your blog.

Once traffic starts coming to your blog you can monetize it by placing google ads and earn unlimited money.

#2:- Youtube Channel

Youtube to earn money online

In today’s world if you have any skill and you are talented in teaching that skill to other persons

than youtube is the best platform by which you can earn money online by staying home.

All you need is to make a youtube channel and start uploading the videos of your skill which you want to teach.

When your videos start getting views than you can monetize your youtube channel and ads start appearing on it.

With this simple method, you can earn money at home.

#3:- Affiliate marketing

Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate marketing to earn money online

A most basic and easy method to earn online money is affiliate marketing.

In this method, you do not require any skill you just have to recommend third party products to different people.

If anybody buys that product from your affiliate link you will get fix commission on that product.

Today every e-commerce website like Flipkart, Amazon provide their affiliate program.

Many people had earned thousands of dollars by affiliate marketing, you can also earn money at home by sharing affiliate links.

#4:- Freelancing

Freelancing to earn from home

The most effective and profitable method to earn online is freelancing.

If you have some skill and if you are mastered in that skill than you can earn by taking freelancing projects.

Today many freelancing websites are available online like Fiverr.

Simply by singing on those websites, you will get projects to work on and you get paid in thousands of dollars by completing those projects.

It does not matters where you are living is you have a skill you can earn from home by this freelancing method.

#5:- Sell Photos

Sell Photos
Sell Photos to earn online

If you can click good photographs and if you are passionate about it than you can earn online by selling those photographs.

Many websites are available online which will buy your photos and can pay you thousands of dollars.

All you need is a photography skill and a good quality camera to click pictures, and here you go to earn online from home.


So by these 5 simple methods, you can earn online from in this COVID 19 pandemic lockdown.


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