May 6, 2021

How to overcome Depression ? 5 Simple steps

How to Overcome Depression

In the present state of this COVID 19 pandemic the most asked question that How to overcome Depression?

Depression is very common nowadays from children to elders every one is searching for ways from which they can overcome depression.

What is depression
what is depression

What is Depression?

Firstly, you should know what is Depression then only you should ask How to overcome Depression.

Depression is nothing but a state of our mind or simply say disorder of our mind

which affects our feeling, thinking, behavior, and that cause lots of emotional and physical problems to ourselves.

What are the Symptoms of Depression?

Some basic symptoms of Depression are.

  • Feeling sad
  • Not getting interested in doing anything.
  • Always feeling tired.
  • Not able to eat or not feeling hungry like before.
  • Sleeping problem ( sleeping too little or too much).
  • Getting irritated with everything.
  • Start thinking negatively.
  • Losing confidence.
  • The power of concentration gets reduced.

Now you get the symptoms of depression so

Here Follows the answer to How to overcome Depression.

Before taking any medication for depression please work on your self in a natural way.

#1:- Sleep Regularly

If you are feeing that you are depressed or feeling that you can come under depression then the first step is to make you sleep plan

You should fix the timing of sleeping at which time in the night you have to sleep and at which time you have to get up in the morning and do follow it strictly.

The sleeping schedule will make your task easier for coping up with depression.

Don’t take sleeping pills or medicine of sleeping always take natural sleep.

#2:- Discuss your problems with others

Discussing your problems with others like your friends and family members will help you lots in overcoming depression.

If you keep your problem inside your heart then it will never let you apart from getting depressed.

Discussing the problem with others will help you in solving the problem in a better and positive way.

when you discuss your problems with others you will not feel lonely and the chances of getting depressed to get reduced.

#3:-Stay in the present not in your past.

If you are undergoing some problem the better way to deal is to stay in the present

never think of your past or problems related to that.

Thinking of your past will create more problem and you will be more depressed.

Better avoid thinking or overthinking of your past because the past is gone future is yet to come and the present is more important,  so think of the present and be happy.

#4:-Exercise and take proper diet.

The far better way to cope up with the depression is to exercise and keep your self physically fit.

And take a proper diet to keep your mind healthy.

If you keep your self motivated and healthy you will overcome your depression more easily.

Exercising and proper diet keep you healthy this will leads you to be in a positive attitude.

#5:-Do Meditation and follow people who lift you up.

Meditating daily will help you lot to keep concentrated. In depression, you would not able to concentrate on your work

But by meditation, you can cope up with this problem so make a routine to meditate daily.

And the must follow rule is to follow those people only who always try to lift you up and never lets you down.

Keeping the company of those people who always motivate you will never let you in depression any more you will get a faster recovery.


So, these are the 5 simple answers of How to overcome Depression

Note:- The endpoint of depression is not always suicide. We can overcome depression by following some simple steps.

And even we can help others in overcoming depression. By just becoming their helping hands, so if you find someone under depression do talk to them and become their helping hands.

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