May 6, 2021

What is JioMart ? How does it work ?

How to become Jiomart distributor

What is JioMart? The answer to this is JioMart is Desh Ki Nayi Dukan. JioMart’s work is explained further.

Reliance Jio Retail owner Mukesh Ambani launched Jio mart an online e-commerce platform like Flipkart and Amazon to cover the Indian market in the e-commerce section Named it JioMart.

This Jiomart platform had launched after Facebook acquired a 10% stake of reliance Jio by investing $5.7 billion in Jio Telecom limited, this bond of Facebook and Jio has surprised all the big e-commerce platforms as this deal will affect the business of Flipkart and amazon by giving them tough competition.

Jiomart’s official website, ( has been launched, customers can directly order their Kirana and grocery products from that, and they will get home delivery without paying any delivery charges.

showing jio mark website
Jiomart website, Jio mart provide all products online


Jio mart will be going to cover all the local Kirana stores and grocery stores, informed by Mukesh Ambani. Local Kirana and groceries store can register themself on the Jiomart platform by simply filling their form and become a seller online. This procedure will directly benefit the local Kiranas and grocery store, and provide them the opportunity to come online and sell their products, this will make them grow and cover customers online on the Jio mart platform.

JioMart have several benefits to customers like:-

  • No minimum order value.
  • Free home delivery.
  • No question on return. etc..



Currently, due to COVID 19 pandemic, Jio mart has started its online service through Whatsapp in a limited area ( Navi Mumbai, Kalyan, Thane). This new whats app order booking service work very easily, and currently providing groceries product only.

steps which you have to follow to order on Whatsapp are as follows

  • Save the number 8850008000 as JioMart in your contacts.
  • After saving go to Whatsapp and search for the contact in the Whatsapp contact section, by refreshing it.
  • Now open the contact and type “hello”
  • As you send the hello an auto-generated message will come, the message will display the area in which the service of Jio mart is available.
JioMart message
  • The message of Jio mart tells the user that orders placed using JioMart before 7pm will be available for pick up at your nearest JioMart Kirana and grocery store within the next 2 days.
  • The auto-generated link also has a link that has to be used within 30 min after that it will get expired.
  • As you click on the link, a seprateJioMart page will get open in the browser, and this page asks for the user’s basic information like address and phone number.
JioMart Message
JioMart message


  • Fill all the details and proceed further.
  • A list of all the Kirana items and grocery items will have appeared, now the user has to give the order of items that he wants to purchase.
  • As the order is placed Jiomart will send the user bill of the total amount purchased.
  • Jiomart will send the details of the Kirana store from where the user has to pick their items and groceries product.
  • it also sends the link of google map where the Kirana store is located, the user has to go there and pick us their order as soon as he gets the message of product ready.
  • In this way, the Jiomart works through Whatsapp.
Jiomart work on the OTO ( online to offline)  strategy, this strategy is used by in china, Jiomart is also working on the same strategy of OTO
benefits of OTO strategy.
  1. user can order online
  2. user can get home delivery and if he does not want anyone to deliver to home user himself can pick up their product from the store.
  3. It built the trust of the customer
  4. local Kirana and groceries store will get direct benefits by getting more customers.


The future of Jiomart is very good, as it will cover all other products like clothes, mobiles, electronics items, and many other soon Jiomart will be going to give tough competition to big e-commerce platforms in India like Flipkart and Amazon.

Soon Jio mart will cover above 200 cities and expand its network widely in the coming years.

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