May 6, 2021

What is podcast ? How to publish podcast on JioSavan ?


In India, the big question is what is the Podcast.How to upload podcast on jiosavan

The podcast is an audio file that is available on the internet to listen on a different platform, in simple words podcast is an audio format that can be published online and anyone can listen to that audio file. The podcast is going to be a booming platform in the future of India’s internet world.

Podcasts are very effective as anyone can listen to that at any time and at any place without wasting the internet on a video platform. currently, in India, there are fewer users of the podcast but the study reveals that podcast users in India will be going to cross 500 million in 2023.

Anyone can record the podcast and publish them by their own name like videos get uploaded on youtube. And anyone can listen to that podcast.

There are various Podcast platform or say hosting in India on which podcast can be uploaded, some of them are listed below.

  • Anchor
  • Spotify
  • podbean
  • Buzzsprout etc…


How to publish the podcast on Jiosavan.

Follow the  simple steps

#1 :- Get hosting for a podcast

The first step is to get hosting on which you have to make your own podcast, you can choose any hosting available in India according to your own comfort ex anchor, start your hosting account.

#2  :- Start your podcasting

once you decide the host now start posting your audio file, record audio file of your topic and get to the work and start posting, record with a good quality mike, or with your mobile phone.

#3:- now get an RSS feed of your podcast from hosting.

RSS feed is a coding file of your podcast which you have to upload to Jio your cast.

#4:- Now log in to Jio your cast platform.

Jio yourcast page


Jiosavan has launched its new platform named youcast to upload the podcast, anyone can upload their podcast simple by signing and uploading theirs RSS feed of their hosting.

So by following these simple steps, anyone can start their Podcast on Jiosavan.





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